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100+ short story in hindi with Moral For Kids (2022)


short story in hindi| short stories with moral for kids Stories for Children Stories can be used to teach and learn valuable things.

Welcome to Hindi Short Story. Today, you’ll enjoy reading an interesting short story in Hindi that will bring back memories of your youth. Stories are only for kids, although we occasionally share them and explain them in large seminars as well.

In the past, we would spend the evenings in our homes listening to the stories that our parents or grandparents would tell us. What were those times like now? Instead of telling our children stories, we now give them mobile devices so they may watch such short stories on Vimeo. be transparent. Their eyesight is affected by this.

We have stories that you may read to your kids or use to teach yourself because of this. You can print out the stories and give them to read.

short story in hindi with moral for kids

I made the decision to write this post specifically to share short stories with kids so that they can read the stories of their choosing in Hindi and gain knowledge from these inspirational and motivational stories in Hindi. All age groups should read these stories, however they were written specifically for young readers.

  1. Story of greedy fox :Short hindi Story with Moral

It was summer, and a fox was desperately seeking food in the forest. After searching for a while, she eventually came upon a rabbit, but she decided not to eat it since it was too little. And this won’t hurt the fox in any way.

After some time of searching, the fox came across a deer on the road. Upon seeing the deer, his mouth moistened, and he immediately began running after it. He chased the deer with all of his might and speed, but he was unable to catch it since he was already hungry.

When he ran out of food, he considered eating the same rabbit that he had left since he felt it was little. The fox returned the same path to look for the rabbit once more, but this time it was gone and nowhere to be found. After becoming exhausted, the fox was forced to return home, where he received fresh food for several days.

2.Lion and mouse story :Short Moral Story for kids in hindi

The lion, the king of the jungle, used to live in a forest with a mouse. One day, the mouse decided to start jumping on the lion for fun, which disrupted the lion’s slumber and caused him to awaken. went and joined it in becoming enraged.

The mouse begged the lion not to devour him as soon as he stood up to do so, saying, “If you ever need help, I’ll be here for you.” The lion laughed when he heard this and let him go.

After a few days, hunters arrived in the jungle to hunt them. The hunters set a trap, in which the lion became imprisoned and chained to a tree. Despite his best efforts, the lion was unable to escape from the trap. The lion began to roar ominously.

There was a mouse’s house in a little stone cave nearby, the lion’s roar reached the mouse, then the mouse knew that the lion was in difficulty and needed see me immediately.

When the mouse arrived and saw the lion stuck in the trap, he immediately began to cut the snare, and the lion was soon set free. After the lion thanked the mouse, they both headed into the jungle together.

3.Old man’s story: Hindi short story with a message

The entire community was concerned by an elderly guy who lived there and was regarded as one of the luckiest people in the world. That old man had grown boring to the entire village.

Considering that he was constantly upset, depressed, and moaning.

People avoided talking to him because his unhappiness spread as he lived longer and his words became sour like poison.

Being next to him was unnatural and downright embarrassing because everybody he encountered would have terrible luck for the rest of the day. People in the area experienced melancholy as a result of your obvious sadness.

However, a curious event occurred and spread like a fire among them one day when that elderly man became 80 years old.

The elderly man seemed content today and had no complaints. Instead, he was grinning at life’s puzzlement. Even his features appeared youthful.

When the entire town noticed this, they gathered in front of his house and questioned the elderly man, “What happened to you?”

The elderly man responded, “Nothing spectacular,” I searched for happiness for 80 years, but I never found it. Finding it wasn’t worth the effort. But now that I’ve made the decision to live without joy, I’m joyfully thinking that.

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